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The official website of Blaise Alicki and Turtle Interactive Software.

Site Description

This site is an amalgamation of my creative abilities.  It's 2 to 20 megabytes of things I thought and thoughts I think.  My imagination and madness in one neat little package. My inane and insane ramblings are here for little more than my own amusement, but feel free to take some time to enjoy them for yourself.

824504 folks have hit the site.  Thanks!
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This site is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution or higher.  All content on this site is my intellectual property and may not be used without my permission.  CrazyBoy and Eddie da Pig are merely figments of my imagination, please do not take anything they type seriously.  No animals or aliens were harmed during the making of the site.  If you would like to stop seeing this site feel free to close your eyes, just don't expect a refund.  I can't be held responsible for anything you see when you blink, even if you were looking at my site immediately before and after you engaged in the act of blinking.  If you usually wear a clown nose, your enjoyment of this site will be significantly enhanced if you take it off while you are here.  You might want to look behind you right now to make sure no one is trying to sneak up on you.  Even though snacking during your viewing of this site could cause you to become overweight, it will also make you happy.  Did you ever notice how clouds sometimes look like other things?  Okay, I'm done now.